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VIDEO: Rawlings’ Mother Frustrated Me To Break Up With Him – Konadu Agyemang Rawlings Tells Her Life Story



Rawlings' Mother Frustrated Me

Rawlings’ Mother Frustrated Me To Break Up With Him – Konadu Agyemang Rawlings

Spouse of Former President, Jerry John Rawlings, Nana Konadu has revealed how she had to endure hearing her mother-in-law suggest awkwardly, that her first daughter, Zanetor had been ‘produced’ from another source since some baby features of hers didn’t portray her mother’s, father’s or any of their parent’s.

Highlighting some pretty controversial aspects of her newly launched ‘It takes a woman’ book, she admitted that the relationship between herself and her husband’s mother was not exactly a smooth one.

This was quite plainly illustrated by the latter she explained when she had her first baby girl, Zanetor Rawlings who is the incumbent Member of Parliament for Klottey Korle.

Whereas mothers will usually pride themselves with the birth of their first grandchild, thereby coming around to congratulate the new mother among other things, Nana Konadu barely got a conversation from her in-law when she visited the labour ward after Zanetor’s delivery.

Recounting circumstances surrounding the birth of her first born on the ‘Good evening Ghana’ show, Mrs. Konadu Agyeman Rawlings said;

“My little baby girl arrived on the 1st day of June 1978. After her birth, I was wheeled from the delivery room back to the labour ward in a state of extreme exhaustion, the nurses put the baby in a nursery so I could rest, Jerry (Flt. Lt. Rawlings) returned at 9 am and it appeared I had not moved since he left.”

“Nana, he called out, I opened my eyes from a deep sleep and was surprised to see him back so soon. Usually, the military intelligence would keep him for several hours for their interrogations. Have you been released already? Oh yes, they just asked me usual questions he said, I’ll tell you the details later.

The M.I had nothing on him so after interrogating him like several times before, they had to let him go;

When is the baby coming, he asked eagerly, Oh the baby has been born. Already? He questioned, scanning my body covered in blankets. A boy or girl? A girl, she’s in the nursery. I was so exhausted, I drifted back to sleep”.

“…..Jerry’s mother arrived, she embraced her son and was happy to see the new baby but as usual, she had very little to say to me. After observing the baby’s features, she turned back to ask my mother. “Ah! Where could this baby’s nose be coming from? Because in my family, Mrs. Rawlings said, we don’t have such flat noses. I was in disbelief that she could start such an awkward conversation at this moment. I did not have the energy to entertain her off-handed comments”, portions of the book read.

Her mother on the other hand, Nana Konadu explained, in her defense responded;

“Well, this nose is certainly not an Agyeman nose because the Agyemans don’t have such noses so it didn’t come from us, but Vic (Jerry’s mother), if we look at you closely, I think this baby’s nose is like yours”, a response which sort of brought the issue to rest.

About her relationship with her mother-in-law, Mrs. Agyeman Rawlings detailed that though it was not strained, had very little to offer.

“She didn’t quite say much to me, she doesn’t all the time’, she said. “We were okay”, sometimes she is happy with me, sometimes she’s not”.

Responding to the question; “was she at any point against the marriage?”

Nana Konadu answered in the affirmative adding that “…but so was my mother”.

The autobiography released by the 70-year-old former First Lady gives her political account down the years and promises to be a good read.


Two groups to give GHC2000 each month to Akuapem Poolo’s son until her release from the prison



Two groups to give GHC2000 each month to Akuapem Poolo's son until her release from the prison

Two groups to give GHC2000 each month to Akuapem Poolo’s son until her release from the prison

The deep love some Ghanaians have shown Rosemond Brown a.k.a Akuapem Poolo doe not only rest on mere posts on social media. Some generous groups from Ghana have pledged to help the little son of the jailed young lady. The little boy will be under the care of his grandmother and his upkeep until his mother returns from jail has been secured with solid financial support by these benevolent groups.

A social media post on Ayisha Modi’s page has revealed that two groups have come together to give the little boy GHC2000 each month as money for his upkeep.

The two groups identified to be doing this great gesture are Modis Outreach and Wanaafriq.

An Instagram post from Ayisha Modi confirming this gesture reads: “My daughter @akuapem_poloo In life everything happens for a reason and I must say what you going through now is a blessing in disguise, have it in mind that wherever there’s a #disgrace there’s also one important thing called grace, remember the stone that the builders rejected became the cornerstone . On this day @modisoutreach and @wanaafriq in collaboration with GIWA FOUNDATION @giwasariki has decided to give your mother 2000gh every month to take care of your child as you spend 90days in prison and also a plot of land to you and my cousin @qwasi_blay when you finally come out.. @qwasi_blay blood 🩸 you know what to do when she is finally out😘😘😘😘😘.”



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Meanwhile the godmother of Rosemond has already sent GHC 5000 to the family to take care of the little boy.

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Two people transporting human bones to fetish priest arrested in Kwamekyere



Two people transporting human bones to fetish priest arrested in Kwamekyere

Two people transporting human bones to fetish priest arrested in Kwamekyere

Two people transporting human bones to fetish priest arrested: Two men have been arrested in the Eastern Region in possession of objects believed to be human skulls and bones, the police have said.

The suspects – Awatey David Okra, 22, a driver, and Nicholas Amenuvor, 20 – were arrested by residents of Kwamekyere, a community in the Ayensuano District, following a tip-off.

A statement from the police said a search of their taxi cab revealed a black suitcase containing bones, suspected to be human.

According to the police, the suspects said they were transporting the items to a fetish priest known as Gagba of Kwamekyere village on behalf of one Djoka of Niifio.

When the police accompanied the suspects to Gagba’s shrine he was not around. However, a pot containing a skull, believed to be human, was found on the compound.

“The suitcase with the bones, the pot containing the skull, and the pan with its contents were retained for evidential purposes whilst the two suspects are detained for further investigation,” the police spokesperson for the region, Francis Gomado, told the Accra-based Starr FM.

“Meanwhile, efforts are underway to trace and apprehend the other accomplices for the appropriate action to be taken and also to send the bones and the skull to the Police Hospital mortuary [in Accra] for preservation, determination, examination, and identification.”

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Guys don’t want to date me because of the Videos I Post On Social Media – Abena Korkor Laments



Abena Korkor - No Guy Wants To Date Me Because of The Videos I Post On Social Media

No Guy Wants To Date Me Because of The Videos I Post On Social Media – Abena Korkor Cries Out

No Guy Wants To Date Me: Media personality Abena Korkor has been sighted shedding uncontrollable tears for fear that she might not be able to secure for herself a boyfriend.

The TV show host in a video sighted allayed her fears on why she thinks she might not have her own boyfriend.

According to her, a recent video she shared on social media that got netizens talking may end her up as a spinster forever. She admitted that no guy will be willing to have a girlfriend who shares videos of her semi unclad self.

Crying about her fears she disclosed that management of the TV station where she works has decided to put her show on hold.

She assured her fans on social media that she will bounce back even though she has lost one source of income.

Little about Abena Korkor

Abena Korkor was in the news somewhere in 2018 when she accused some media personalities and politicians for taking advantage of her bipolar disorder and had s3x with her.

I never lied nor apologized, those guys did pay me for sex – Nana Abena Korkor Addo

Nana Abena Korkor Addo, a former student of the University of Cape Coast insists her claims that some renowned journalists and politicians slept with her still stands.

In a post on her instagram page, she denied ever apologizing over the claims stating that she never lied about the persons she named as having laid her expressing shock at media reports on the matter.

“They are not false allegations. I can’t live a lie. I can’t live with that I am sorry. A girl is sexually engaged and she has to apologise but the man who engaged her doesn’t. Maybe there should have been no apologies. I can’t live with that. The next time I say something everyone who think I am just crying wolf. No, I can’t live with that. We are all wrong and we all apologise if need be Why should I apologise for my manic episode. Who apologises for malaria, diabetes or hypertension” she wrote on her Instagram wall.

Abena Korkor known by her peers as “Lincy On Fire”, in February 2015 gained similar media attention after she leaked her own nude images and videos on social media for reasons best known to her.

Subsequently, it was gathered that her action was as a result of a condition which she claimed was not known to her and therefore became an advocate for mental health education.

Nothing was ever heard of her until at the weekend when she in series of facebook posts made shocking revelations including her incarceration in the Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn in the United States for 18 months for drug trafficking in 2010 among other claims she had slept with some persons.

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