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OPINION: Do Male Enhancement Pills Really Work in Increasing Penile Size?



There are no scientifically proven penis enlargement pills. Please don’t trust products claiming they can increase the penis size. As per Dr. Satish, penis size doesn’t matter. You can still have a healthy & pleasant sexual life.

Don’t use any herbal viagra cream, stretching, rubbing oils etc. None of this is helpful and you will only end up with less money.

But yes, if you want to improve your sexual life, there are several things that could be done. Penis enlargement pills won’t make a man’s penis grow larger, make him last forever, impact his sperm, or any of the other implications that the campy commercials may make.

However, there are several herbs and nutrients that have been shown overtime to help with sexual health (including Horny Goat Weed, which literally makes you horny).

Many men have reported that some of the ingredients in it have increased blood flow to their genitals, which could temporarily increase the size of their penis (like a minute or two), but for a number of men, they don’t last as long because the increased blood makes them more sensitive.

There are millions of men worldwide that take various ingredients from Extenze (including those that don’t take that specific brand) that get a lot of benefits from them, so the ingredients do give specific benefits. Good luck and I hope I helped!

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How to unlock any Huawei Modem



To unlock your Huawei Modem so that you can use for any kind of SIM card, please follow the steps below to unlock it:

  1. Go to
  2. Input your modem’s IMEI Number (This can be found at the battery compartment of the modem or as a sticker on the modem’s package).
  3. Input Security code that will be generated for you.
  4. Click Calculator, your Unlock code and Flash code is generated.
  5. Do not use the flash code.
  6. Use the unlock code

How to use the code:
1. To make use of the unlock code, insert an unauthorized SIM Card to your Huawei locked Modem.
i.e if you are using MTN SIM, remove the SIM in it and put in either Vodafone, AirtelTigo or Glo SIM into your locked Modem

2. When you do so, a small Dialogue Box will be displayed on your screen and you would be prompt for the Modem’s Unlock Code. Just enter the Unlock Code. You can now use your Huawei USB modem with SIM Cards from any other operator.

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2019/2020 Admission Requirements for Regent University College of Science & Technology



The Regent University College of Science and Technology, Regent-Ghana, is located in Accra, Ghana. It was registered in September 2003 as a company limited by guarantee. It received accreditation to operate as a tertiary institution in 2004, and in January 2005  it started its maiden lectures with about 30 pioneer students at its maiden campus, the Trinity Campus, at Mataheko, near Accra.

It initially operated satellite campuses at Dansoman, Lartebiorkoshie, and on Graphic, Fadama, Accra. Today Regent-Ghana is located on the main campus at the McCarthy Hill to the west of Accra.

Regent-Ghana now has four Schools, namely, School of Business and Leadership (SBL)School of Informatics Engineering & Technology (SIET)Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS), and the Institute of Languages & General Studies. There is also the Language Centre and a newly-established Centre for Academic Writing. A number of interdisciplinary programmes cross the boundaries between schools and disciplines.

Locally, Regent-Ghana is affiliated to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology,  Kumasi; University of Education, Winneba and the Trinity Theological Seminary at Legon, Accra. Its international partners are   Trier University of Applied Sciences, Umwelt campus, Birkenfeld, Germany; Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands;  and St. Mary’s University of Canada. The University is also a member of the Conference of Heads of Private Universities, Ghana.

The University has opened its 2019/2020 Admission to all qualifying students.

General Requirements

For admission into any of Regent’s Programmes, an applicant must do the following:

  1. Submit a completed application for admission form (download from here)

You can also contact the admissions office on +233 266 83 99 61 or email us on [email protected]

You may also complete your application online and submit it electronically. Click here to go to the online application portal

  1. Arrange for an official results slip or transcript and testimonial to be sent from the applicant’s last (or current) school directly to: The Admissions Office, P.O. Box DS 1636, Dansoman, Accra, Ghana.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to arrange for transcript(s) and/or transfer forms to be mailed and to ensure that they arrive promptly. Hand delivered transcript(s) are not acceptable.

The University reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the results slips/transcript submitted.


Undergraduate Requirements

Five main categories of candidates are considered for admission into the Bachelor’s Degree Programmes.

  1. General Certificate of Education: Credits in at least 5 subjects (including English Language, Mathematics and Science) in the GCE Ordinary Level and 3 passes at the GCE Advanced Level. Two of the advanced level passes must be grade ‘D’ or better. A pass in General Paper must also be obtained.
  2. Senior High School Certificate:
    •  Passes (at least D) in three core subjects including English, Mathematics, and Science, and three elective subjects, with an aggregate score of 24 or better in the SSSCE
  3. Credit passes (at least C6) in Three Core Subjects (including English Language, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science or Social Studies) and three elective subjects with an aggregate score of 36 or better in the WASSCE.
  4. GENERAL BUSINESS CERTIFICATE (GBCE) Holders who possess passes in three compulsory subjects including English Language and passes in any three Elective subjects including Business Mathematics.
  5. International Baccalaureate/Diploma with at least and average mark of 10/20 or its equivalent and six months English Language proficiency for applicants with English Language as a second language.
  6. Mature Students’ Entry Requirement (MSER):
    • Applicants must be at least 25 years of age at the time of application
    • Applicant must also pass the Mature Students Entrance Examination which comprises: General Paper (including a section on Quantitative & Analytical Tools), or a paper on the candidate’s preferred area of study, IT Appreciation, Mathematics and English Language. Applicants must obtain at least 50% in all four subjects before they will be considered for admission.
  7. Professional Qualification Candidates: Applicants with 5 GCE Ordinary Level credit passes including English and Mathematics and any of the following qualifications may be considered for admission:
    • Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) with at least 1 Distinction and 3 credits from accredited Polytechnics.
    • Foundation and Intermediate levels of professional Certificates of relevant bodies
    • RSA Stage II (5 passes) and Stage III (3 Passes).
  8. Post-Diploma Degree Candidates: Those with the following qualifications may be admitted to either level 200 or 300 depending on their abilities and preferences.
    • HND from a accredited Polytechnics
    • Diploma from a accredited Institutions
    • Professional certificate (e.g. ICA Ghana) level 2, Chartered Institute of Bankers, with at least three years post-qualification work experience etc.
  9. Foreign students: Applicants in this category may be considered for admission if they hold qualifications equivalent to those mentioned above. However, they must show evidence of proficiency in English.
  10. Others: Applicants with International City and Guilds and Vocational Qualifications, Private Secretaryship and Senior Stenographer Secretary are also acceptable. They may be placed in level 100 or 200 or 300 depending on the level of qualifications attained.


Application and Payment Details for Ghanaian Applicants

  • Download one set of the application form below
  • Pay the application fee of GH¢150.00 through a banker’s draft in the name of REGENT UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
  • Post your completed application documents with the bankers draft to the school (EMS/DHL):

P.O. BOX DS 1636



Application and Payment Details for International Students

  • Download the application form below (NB: Recommendation form/sheet must be printed twice).
  • Add photocopies of relevant certificates and in the case of WASSCE results slip, add WAEC Scratch card for authentication.
  • Make copies of the completed forms and other relevant documents
  • Pay the form fee of $100.00 to:

ACCOUNT NAME: Regent University College of Science and Technology


Cedi Account: 1441000852770

Foreign Dollar Account: 2441000852772

Forex Dollar Account: 3441000852774


  • Add three passport pictures; one must be endorsed by a referee (NB:The referee should not be a family member).
  • Add the original pay-in-slip (Deposit Slip) from the bank to the document and post to the school. (EMS/DHL)

P.O. BOX DS 1636


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These Are The Reasons Why Ghanaian Women Wear Waist Beads



You may have seen them, times without number, and probably played with or strummed them sometimes, if you’re a man. You may be wearing some now, or you may have worn them at one point or another if you’re a lady.

Do you know it’s a cultural norm within most Ghanaian ethnic groups for a woman to wear one or more strings of beads on her waist—all the time? Norms such as these are religiously observed by the people of rural societies and small towns.

When a child is born a string or two of beads are worn for him or her, irrespective of the gender. As a male baby becomes a toddler, his beads are removed, but for a female child on the other hand, she is to keep wearing beads ‘forever’.

But today in the urban area, here in Accra, far away from the small towns and rural societies where tradition and custom hold sway, ladies, educated ones and career women are observing and practicing the custom.

When you observe the beads on display in Makola and elsewhere on the streets of the city, you can say ladies here are wearing beads of different colours, colour combinations and designs-just like any woman would wear. Usually, the beads are made of hard plastics, glass wood or metal. They are strung together on a fairly strong string.

Recently I decided to conduct a little survey on the idea for an article for Labone Express. I interviewed ladies I work with first, and I phoned friends and old some flames afterward for interview. A lot of the respondents in my little survey were, initially, wouldn’t open up and answer my questions. It’s almost like what you would experience when you make a proposition to a lady.

Some other respondents in this enterprise were excited and open to answering questions, even well beyond the scope of the survey [giggling]. In the end, I gathered enough stuff to answer why a Ghanaian lady wears waist beads.

The reasons a woman wears beads on her waist are based on certain beliefs they have and from what they’ve learned by way of personal experiences. So here’s why a Ghanaian lady wears waist beads.

It gives me shape

Boatemaa, 31, one of the ladies told me she wears beads because ‘It gives me shape’. The most popular reason for a lady to wear beads on her waist is for the notions that it accentuates her waist. I discovered that accentuation of the waistline is a desirable feature for ladies.

The social construction of a beautiful woman here has body proportion where measurement of the waistline is smaller than those of the bust and hips. The Ghanaian lady believes that wearing waist beads helps her to define her waist in order to meet ‘this standard of beauty’.

It makes me beautiful

For some ladies, the waist bead is an essential fashion accessory. There’s a belief among our ladies that a woman who wears waist beads looks more sensuous and beautiful than one who does not wear any.

My man finds it attractive

Another popular reason a lady wears the waist beads is for a man’s pleasure. A good number of men, I’ve learned simply can’t get their eyes and hands off those beads. In very private moments, some men hold onto waist beads like they do prayer beads. According to ladies, men have been unhappy on occasions where they were not wearing beads. Personally, when I see my woman’s waist beads, I get harder.

I want to attract the attention of a man

This reason is probably the most compelling of all the reasons for women, I’ve heard. A woman wears beads to present herself as beautiful and sensuous to a man she desires, just to win his love.  In instances such as this one, a woman invests energy, time and money into selecting and acquiring the ‘magic’ colors and designs to wear.

At a point in time, I asked one of the ladies, Vera: ‘Is there a time when a lady is happy she’s wearing waist beads?’

“Yes, all the time that she’s wearing it.” She replied, “But most especially when she gets a new set of beads, and she’s ready to show it to that special someone”.

One of the best compliments a man can get from a lady, I’ve learned, is when she wears his name on her waist, just close to and a few inches above the ‘arena’.

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