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‘Mafia’ examiners at Ghana School of Law block Rawlings’ Daughter from becoming a Lawyer – Rawlings cries

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has revealed chilling details of how his daughter was deliberately denied entry into Ghana School of law by the administrators of the institution because she was his daughter.

Rawlings said the mass failure cannot be blamed on the system because he knows some people are “politically insecure” about their role, adding that the mass failures could destroy the future of the youth because of the absence of a merit-based system.

“By destroying merit, you are killing the fire of idealism in the youth,” he warned.

A delegation from the Ghana Journalists Association had called on him at his office in Accra on Thursday, October 31, 2019, when he made the remarks

Mr. Rawlings said his daughter was not left out.

“My daughter was victimized…they knocked her out. So that was the yardstick. This is Rawlings’ daughter I am talking about ooo, Rawlings daughter!”, he shouted.

Mr. Rawlings did not name which of his daughters was involved.

He said it was unfortunate that a demonstration to protest the mass failure was faced with water cannons and rubber bullets by the security agencies.

“We are behaving like we don’t use our brains well as a nation, looking at how some things are done in the country,” he bemoaned.

Rawlings had in an earlier tweet said the police action was uncalled for and that the conduct of the law school demonstration did not warrant the use of hot water cannons and rubber bullets.

“The heavy and high-handed manner the Police handled the demonstration by law students was most uncalled for. The conduct of the demonstration did not warrant the use of hot water cannons and rubber bullets,” he had tweeted.

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Written by Frank Amofa

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