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List of Licensed Private Health Insurance Companies in Ghana

Private Health Insurance Companies in Ghana

List of Licensed Private Health Insurance Companies in Ghana

The list below is licensed Private Health Insurance Companies in Ghana authorized to operate by the National Health Insurance Authority, the sole Regulator of Private Health Insurance Schemes in Ghana under the National Health Insurance Act, 2012 (Act 852).

The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) is mandated by the National Health Insurance Act, 2012 (Act 852) to regulate Private Health Insurance Schemes (PHIS) in Ghana.

In performing its regulatory functions the Authority registers, licenses, and supervises the operations of Private Health Insurance Companies in Ghana.

The law established two (2) types of private health insurance schemes:

  • Private Mutual Health Insurance Scheme (PMHIS)
  • Private Commercial Health Insurance Scheme (PCHIS)

Functions of the National Health Insurance Authority

  • 1. Licenses insurers and insurance intermediaries who transact health insurance business in Ghana
  • 2. Develops and disseminates guidelines for operating private health insurance schemes in consultation with relevant bodies.
  • 3. Regulates to ensure compliance with the National Health Insurance Act, 2012 (ACT 852), the PHIS Guidelines, other applicable enactments, and industry best practice.
  • 4. Prescribes through the Minister, minimum healthcare benefits to schemes where necessary.
  • 5. Provides a bureau to which members of the public may channel their complaints for resolution.
  • 6. Supervises and approves transactions between insurers, intermediaries, and reinsurers.
  • 7. Engages media to sensitize the general public on private health insurance.
  • 8. Take action against any person carrying on insurance business or the business of insurance intermediaries without a license.

Any person who transacts business with a Private Health Insurance Scheme other than those licensed in line with the above law does so at their own peril.


Now here is the list of all the licensed Private Health Insurance Companies operating in Ghana


1 Acacia Health Insurance Limited Address: No 5 Asoye Lane, East Legon.
E-Mail:[email protected]
Tel: +233-233- 008-821/ 233-008-810/ 302-543-738/ 302-543-734
2 Ace Medical Insurance Address: No. 9033 Octagon, Barnes Road, Accra Central
E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel: 0556778906/ 0556778907
3 Apex Health Insurance Limited Address: Suite 102, Zion House, No. 7 Nii Yemoh Avenue, OIC Road bShiashie- East Legon- Accra
E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel: +233-302-544-410/ 302-542-554
4 Cosmopolitan Health Insurance Limited Address: House Number E658, Pawpaw Street East Legon – Accra
Tel: +233-262-761-515/ 262-762-424/ 302-540-668
5 GLICO Healthcare Limited Address: No. 3 Aviation Road, Adjacent Ghana Home Loans, Airport-Accra
E-Mail:[email protected]
Tel: +233-209-995-035/ 200-203-967/ 302-767-142/ 303-967-471/ 303-965-060
6 Kaiser Global Health Limited Address: No. 10 Swaniker Street,Abelenkpe – Accra.
E-Mail:[email protected]
Tel: +233-322-395-417/ 501-287-107/ 501-287-109/ 501-337-302
7 Liberty Medical Health Scheme Limited Address: Debrah House, Plot No. L1/5A 8,9 Adjacent Gyawu Towers Tema Motorway Roundabout, Tema
E-Mail:[email protected]
Tel: +233-302-633-933
8 Metropolitan Health Insurance Ghana Limited Address: Metropolitan House, 8 Tabon Link North Ridge Crescent, North Ridge, Accra
Tel: +233-302-998-809
9 NMH Nationwide Medical Health Insurance Scheme Limited Address: Premium Place, No. 25 Osu Avenue Road, Ako Adjei Interchange, Accra
E-Mail:[email protected]
Tel: +233-302-251-107/8 /285-410-072/2
10 Phoenix Health Insurance Address: C1034/4, 7th Avenue, North Ridge Accra
E-Mail:[email protected]
Tel: +233-207-998-163/302-671-050
11 Premier Health Insurance Company Limited Address: 48 Cocoa Street, Teshie Nungua Estates
E-Mail:[email protected]
Tel: +233-302-751-726-8/ 204-333-555-6/ 503-324-818
12 Takaful Ghana Health Insurance Address: Eman House, Aburi Road Oyarifa, Accra
E-Mail:[email protected]
Tel: +233-302-906-266
13 Universal Health Insurance Limited Address: Health Plaza, Community 25, Tema, Ghana
Email:[email protected]
Tel: +233-244934943/ 244-872-513/ 244-197-690/ 244-314-184/ 202-293-036
14 Vitality Health Systems Limited Address: Cidan House, A150 Commercial Center, Community 11,Tema
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +233-303-301-245/ 303-309-710



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