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‘Hat off for you’ – Sarkodie Showers Praises on Akufo-Addo over COVID-19 fight


‘Hat off for you’ – Sarkodie Showers Praises on Akufo-Addo over COVID-19 fight

Ghana’s biggest rapper, Sarkodie has heaped praises on the President of Ghana and the COVID-19 team for doing great with the fight to contain the spread of disease in the country.

The Rapper sang the praises of the President and the team fighting the COVID-19 in a video he posted on his social media pages.

Although Sarkodie is one of the Ghanaians stuck outside the country and will pay anything to be brought back to Ghana, he believes that measures taken by the President is one that protects all citizens hence he sides with him.

Talking about how he misses home, the rapper said “I’m still stuck in the states, I really do miss home but as much as I miss home I totally understand these measures taken to control the spread of the pandemic, for everyone’s safety and hopefully things get normal again’

Sarkodie Showers Praises on Akufo-Addo by writing;

“First off let me take my hat off to the President and his team for being on top of their game in handling this COVID-19 situation. We all appreciate it.”

Urging the people in the diaspora and others in the country to donate towards the country’s fight in order to contain the disease, Sarkodie said “I know it’s not going to be an easy fight especially for a developing country like Ghana, a lot of resources will be needed, a whole lot of funds will be needed and I’m pretty sure the government will do their best but I still feel as a people we need to support in our own way cause it’s really not just going to affect us, we have relatives who are also at risk at the same time.

“And that is why I’m doing this particular video. I was on the phone with the Ghana Embassy here in the States, in DC, and they have this initiative which I totally endorse. So the Ghana embassy has partnered with the US-based churches, professional medical associations, the Ghana council across the US and in other countries and the purpose is for them to raise funds to fight against COVID-19 and to support Ghanaians in Ghana and out here in the states so I don’t see this to be a political thing, it’s uniting Ghanaians all over the world to support fight this pandemic especially back home,” he added.


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