Ghanaian Man In London, Butchered Wife and Cooked Her With Hot Water

A Ghanaian man living in the UK has been accused of butchering his lover, pours hot water on her after initiated separation.

Domestic violence is any form of behavior with the purpose to gain power and control over a spouse or intimate family member. According to study, abuse is a learned behavior and is not caused by anger, mental problems, drugs or alcohol or any other common excuses given by many., came across a trending audio with pictures attached to it,  explaining in detail,  a Ghanaian woman who has been butchered by her husband and is admitted at the emergency unite in United Kingdom.

Listening to the audio, the accused man’s name given as Alex resides in the United Kingdom, married to two wives. Apparently, the accused was married to the victim for about two years ago enjoying their honey moon.

Approximately weeks ago, the wife found the husband had a conversation with another woman which she was prompt to go through the husband’s phone to trace the number.

After tracking the phone number, the wife in London was able to get hold of the woman who is the owner of that number and was from Ghana. When having conversation with the woman, the wife in London came to find out they were both married to the same husband.  With the other woman sending warnings to the woman in London to stay away from her husband for they are not traditionally married in Ghana but only married in London, according to the information given to him by the husband. Both women were unable to settle their differences and discontinued the phone conversation.

For the above reason, when the husband arrived from his outing,  the wife in London confronted him leading to an argument which cause the woman to pack her belongings out from the matrimonial home causing the London wife to separate from the marriage. In addition, she called the family in Ghana to inform them of the situation at hand and also sent direction to her family to send back the traditional items that was given to her by the husband at the time of marriage as a sign of  traditional divorce and disconnecting the unity between the two family for she can not be a second wife.

Paying attention to the given audio, the man sponsored the woman to have a permanent stay in London. Due to that, the man was bitterly and finds it painful for the woman to move on with her life and also not able to revoke the sponsorship for it is already processed by immigration.

Adding up to the story, the man called the woman weeks later, to inform her to pick her mails from the house. With the woman not having any negative intention of the man. Upon arrival to the place,  he locked all the doors, pours hot water on her, butchers her with a knife and scissors. After his act, dragged the woman outside the house, whiles the woman is still alive fighting for her life. Alex,  later calls UK police to report himself as he was holding the lady. Police then responded to his call and arrested him.

The woman is now responding to treatment at the emergency unite.

Information is not given if both were going through any legal divorce.



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