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These Ghanaian Celebrities Have Been Accused Of Chasing Married Men To Survive


These Ghanaian Celebrities Have Been Accused Of Chasing Married Men To Survive has conducted its own research and come out with detailed information regarding some Ghanaian female celebrities who are being accused of dating married men in Accra for their life expenses.

Ghanaians came to their senses in this accusation after the ‘bootilicious’ Ghanaian celebrity Moesha Bodoung made a shocking revelation regarding the city life of Ghanaian ladies on CNN when she was being interviewed by Christiane Amanpour, concerning her personality, sex, love, and other things.

Moesha, who plays a role in the popular TV series, Coco Brown, told Amanpour that she depends on men for survival.

According to her, she currently dates a man for money because Ghana’s economy is so hard.

Moesha was emphatic about her submission that given the current economy situation in Ghana, it would be hard as a woman to live without a meaningful ‘sponsor’.

While the heat is on Moesha, it would interest Ghanaians to know that Moesha is not the only celebrity who has admitted to be sleeping with married men for money. While some female celebrities have been suspected or accused of doing the same thing, others have openly said they, also like Moesha deal with ‘married men’.

Here are those Female Ghanaian Celebrities accused of chasing married men for their survival:


Nikki Samonas:

The Ghanaian actress who is now a TV host at TV Africa has admitted having a man in her life who helps and supports her.

In an interview on Delay Show some time ago, Nikki said the man helped her to acquire a land and to start a building project.

She added that it is normal for a producer to sleep with an actress, and that she has experienced it.

Nikki, who earned the title ‘Bikini queen’ for her stunning bikini photos, also said on the show that “at a point in life you meet certain challenges and that was mine.”

Berla Mundi:

The eloquent GHONE TV presenter some few months ago was fired by her colleague celebrities for allegedly sleeping with married men. Yvonne Nelson accused Berla on twitter for sleeping with another woman’s husband.

Shortly after this exposure, Afia Schwarzenegger also waded into the controversy, accusing Berla Mundi of sleeping with a married man called Mr. Adams who is also a politician.

With all these allegations leveled against her, Berla Mundi has remained tight-lipped on the issue.

To date, we cannot say if her silent means the accusations are true, or she just wants to ignore her accusers.

Moesha Boduong:

Meosha is the one who has opened the floodgates for discussion. After confessing that she cannot make a livelihood without another woman’s husband, Moesha added that even when she is not in the mood, she is forced to sleep with the man all because of the cash.


Fella Makafui:

Recently, a Facebook user, ‘exposed’ Fella Makafui of sleeping with the Zylofon Media boss, Nana Appiah Mensah, for money.

Even before the social media user made this claim, Fella’s own friend with whom she was ‘flocking’ formerly, Efia Odo, said in plain language that Fella has been sleeping with men in order to maintain her luxurious lifestyle on social media.

Fella Makafui, noted for playing the bread seller role in the popular youth TV series, has not addressed this issue.

Efia Odo:

It was recently in the news that a social media user threatened to expose Efia Odo of the “disgusting” lifestyle she was living in the US before her journey to Ghana.

While her fans were waiting on her to deny or ‘attack’ the social media user, Efia Odo shocked many when she said “God bless you, the world is waiting to hear what you have to say” to the one threatening her.

Nana Akua Serwaa is a graduate of Indian Institute of Business Management, and the University of Ghana, with specialization in Communication science. Tel: +233550646879

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