GES Ghana Learning TV Timetable for SHS Students

GES Ghana Learning TV Timetable for SHS Students

GES Ghana Learning TV Timetable for SHS Students

The Ghana Learning TV SHS timetable or the Ghana Education Service (GES) distance learning timetable for Senior High Schools (SHS) has been designed by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to assist SHS Students to know which and what time a subject will be televised on the Ghana Learning TV.

The Education Service has for now released April version of the timetable with a limited number of subjects which we can say are core subjects, the subjects featured in the timetable are Core Mathematics, English Language, Integrated Science, and Social Studies.

The duration for every subject per the Ghana Learning TV SHS Timetable is 45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes as break time, this means every subject will be televised 1 hour.

According to the Ghana Education Service, the timetable, program, and subject are for only Senior High School students (SHS 1 to SHS 3). The virtual learning program scheduled to be televised on Ghana learning TV was set to commence on the 3rd of April 2020 at 8:30 am.

Rescan your digital box to get the Ghana Learning TV, GES says this new channel comes after Ghana Television Today(GTV).


08:30am-09:30amMathematicsSHS 315 Minutes45 Minutes
09:30am-10:30amMathematicsSHS 215 Minutes45 Minutes
10:30am-11:30amMathematicsSHS 115 Minutes45 Minutes
11:30am-12:30pmEnglish LangSHS 315 Minutes45 Minutes
12:30pm-01:30pmEnglish LangSHS 215 Minutes45 Minutes
01:30pm-02:30pmEnglish LangSHS 115 Minutes45 Minutes
02:30pm-03:30pmScienceSHS 315 Minutes45 Minutes
03:30pm-04:30pmScienceSHS 215 Minutes45 Minutes
04:30pm-05:30pmScienceSHS 115 Minutes45 Minutes
05:30pm-06:30pmSocial StudiesSHS 315 Minutes45 Minutes
06:30pm-07:30pmSocial StudiesSHS 215 Minutes45 Minutes


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Written by Frank Amofa