Bishop Bernard Nyarko sold his soul to Satan through Bishop Obinim – Prophetess reveals deep secrets

Bernard Nyarko sold his soul

Bernard Nyarko sold his soul to Satan through Bishop Obinim – Prophetess reveals deep secrets

A popular prophetess by name Pep Donkor has made a claim that the demised Bishop Nyarko sold his soul to Angel Bishop Daniel.

Its been almost a week since the sudden death of actor Bishop Bernard Nyarko but the matters arising after his death are getting people especially his fans worried.

Few days after his death, some people including his colleagues in the movie industry started pointing accusing fingers at his mother for hiding him and not allowing people to help to know very well he was not feeling too well.

In a new development, Prophetess Pep Donkor has stated that Angel Obinim is the cause of the popular actor’s death and that people should stop pointing accusing fingers at Bernard’s mother.

According to her, Bishop some time ago was hanging out with Obinim and it was at that point he was initiated into a spiritual brotherhood with the help of Obinim.

She continued that Bishop sold his soul to the devil immediately he started walking with Angel Obinim to the point that he knelt down for Obinim to anoint him.

Prophetess Pep went on to say that the actor saw that things were not going on as he was told and promised by the brotherhood decided to leave the group.

The prophetess continued that it was at that point that he came out to say “there was a lot of evil going on in the Kumawood industry” knowing very well that it could cost him to lose his life.

According to the Prophetess, she believes the late actor might have told his family all that was happening hence their decision not to allow anyone from seeing him at the time of his sickness.

Watch the video below:


Prophetess Pep Donkor further cautioned the Kumawood stars to be careful of the evil things that they do in the dark since the might also end up like their late colleague Bernard Nyarko aka Bishop.



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