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Adentan-Madina Police Arrests: Look Like Rwanda But Don’t Adopt Its Style Of Leadership



Look Like Rwanda But Don’t Adopt Its Style Of Leadership

Adentan-Madina Police Arrests: Look Like Rwanda But Don’t Adopt Its Style Of Leadership

Look Like Rwanda But Don’t Adopt Its Style Of Leadership: There was a groundswell of people who hit Adentan and Madina’s streets when the absence of footbridges led to the deaths of some Ghanaians.
The road though had some footbridges, their conditions did not allow them to be used because they were yet to be finished.
Tires were burnt, the government was lampooned, the administration was said to have been derelict in its duty in safeguarding the lives of the citizenry.
Some civil society organizations jumped on the bandwagon and chanted their usual Rwandan mantra being a paragon of virtue in terms of keeping its people safe and expanding infrastructure.
The government had to find the money to undertake the project. The footbridges were built and the people who were dying crossing the roads have refused to use the footbridges. They are still crossing the roads with their attendant dangers.
The demonstrators have been silent. Those who took to street protests have not said anything. They are probably too busy doing their own things than urging the people to use the footbridges.
These lovers of Rwanda have been asleep while the police and other agencies have been urging pedestrians to use the footbridges. Even in COVID-19, the footbridges have been abandoned by the pedestrians.
This Easter season, the police have been high-handed in dealing with those who flout the laws at Adentan and Madina regarding the usage of the footbridges. Some are being made to clean the streets and all manner of things.
Ghanaians, let me say some Ghanaians say the police are breaking the law for subjecting those flouting the laws to some punishments.
They say the police have no right to do what it has done to keep sanity on the roads.
The police, they say, can only arrest these people and arraign them before the court. Where do we go from here? The streets are really sane now.
The method may have been unconventional, but the footbridges are being used.
It is a straight fight between saving lives using ‘unlawful’ means and jeopardizing lives using the law. I ask again, where do we go from here? How do we deal with this matter?
Ghana should be as clean as Rwanda, but it must not adopt Rwanda’s methods to achieve its success!
P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.
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Did Okomfo Anokye really curse Krobo women on sex issues?



One interesting article I chanced on a Facebook group page – on the 14 January 2015 was a young man’s called Godson Charnor account in the dangme land.

According to the young man, he did his National Service as a teacher in 2007 in Kroboland, Lower Manya Krobo – a village called Sekesua. Before he went for the service, his mother and a few other elderly men and women, advised him not to court or have sex with a Krobo lady, else….he won’t come back again.

They however, failed to explain further –though he pressed on them to do so. From his own research, he discovered the secret behind their advice.

“Well, in case you don’t know or have never heard before, there is an age old allegation, rumour, grapevine, call it whatever, that, legendary character, Okomfo Anokye, who once commanded a golden stool from the sky, cursed Krobo women somewhere in the 15th Century (16s era)”

The allegation has it that Okomfo Anokye was bathing in a river. He turned to one side of the river and saw a horde of Krobo women sleuthing at him. Okomfo Anokye got furious, and out of anger, cursed the women; “you shall be slaves to this thing (his penis) you watched forever,” Okomfo Anokye is alleged to have said.

To that effect, many people have always believed that Krobo women are promiscuous; in other words, they love sex like pigeons or simply can’t keep one sexual partner. To establish the verity in this age old allegation, he had the privilege to speak to the District Cultural Officer of the Center for National Culture for the Manya Krobo district, Mr. Winfred Kene Apo.

Reacting to the story, he said “first, it is never ever true that Okomfo Anokye once cursed Krobo women, hence, making them promiscuous. I’ve heard this allegation since I was a kid till now that I’m an adult. When you interrogate the issue, logic makes the allegation fall flat in the face.

“First, who made that allegation? Nobody can provide the fellow’s name? Was Okomfo Anokye a son or native of Kroboland? The answer is no! Which town or village in Kroboland did this take place –Agomanya, Asesewa, Sekesua, Odumase, I mean where? The allegation can’t provide the name of the town or village!

“The allegation say`s Krobo women are promiscuous. Promiscuity has its fibre in almost all the tribes in this world! So why are they attributing promiscuity to only Krobo women? This allegation has no basis! Perhaps someone wanted to defame Krobo people!”

In relation to this age old allegation, is another allegation that, if you are a man and you don’t play with the clitoris of a Krobo woman, she will not allow you to have sex with her; so I asked Mr. Kene Apo; sir, is it true that if you are a man and you don’t play with the clitoris of a Krobo woman, she won’t allow you to make love to her?

Mr. Kene Apo laughed out loud and responded, “where is this one too coming from? I’ve never heard this before and there is no truth in it. Who at all has been generating these allegations? Areas of sexual pleasure in women vary from one woman to another.

“Some have it in their ear lubes, clitoris, breast, navel, underfoot, etc. and science has proven this; so why is playing with the clitoris of a lady which some term as licking be attributed only to Krobo women? I even need another platform like television or radio to educate people on this topic. I’m very passionate about it. Thank you for being a good journalist.”

Last year, a film titled ‘Okomfo Anokye’ with Agya Koo playing the former as lead character, was released with the depiction of Okomfo Anokye`s alleged bathing and being peeped at by some ladies was depicted in the movie. A group of Krobo youth got very angry and even issued threats at the producer of the movie – Paul Adjei of Paul Gee Films.

After the agitation from the youth for the producer to delete that particular scene in the movie, the timid Paul Gee used all forms of tactics to tame the leadership of ‘Klo Hengme’ to talk to the elders and all the people on his behalf. Mr. Apo is still furious at Paul Gee and the movie. I got in touch with Kumawood filmmaker, Paul Gee, and asked him which source he had his story of Okomfo Anokye from –unfortunately, he said he had no source or reference material. He intimated that “it’s a rumour we have all heard but nobody can tell whether it is true or not. I considered it a work of fiction and so used it for my movie. I had no source.”

For the clitoral masturbation aspect, I contacted Krobo female celebrity, Akumaa Mama Zinbi, also host of ‘Odo ahomafo’ on Adom 106.3 fm and asked her if she has heard this allegation before and whether people connect or have connected her sexually explicit programme to Okomfo Anokye`s spell.

“Well, I’ve heard it before. I’ve heard it from my grandmother and my mother. But honestly, I’ve not conducted any research like you are doing on it. I don’t believe it anyway. Fact is, Krobo ladies are beautiful, cultured, respectful, humble and extremely sexy.

“During our puberty right – ‘Dipo,’ we are taught how to take care of the house, cook, wash, respect, clean our vagina, and also sexually satisfy a man in bed. Our ‘Tonga’ is the best you can get on the market; no challenger (laughs). These values make Krobo ladies the best!

“Frankly, some people have linked me to this Okomfo Anokye curse before and still do. I recall when I started ‘Odo ahomaso’ in 2000 to talk about sex and relationship many people were like, as for a Krobo lady what else can she talk about if not sex? But over the years, I’ve proven them wrong.

“I’ve had many guys who got closer to me, thinking I’m one of those cheap girls they can easily sleep with because of my show but when they approached, they found me to be very polite in my speech, conduct and decent in my general body carriage” Akumaa ended.

In a separate interview with another Krobo lady by name Victoria Ahku Kwablah, (Vic of former TV3 Mentor) I asked her; as a Krobo lady, how do you feel about this allegation. “Well, I don’t believe Okomfo Anokye cursed us and also don’t feel bad about that allegation.

“Fact is, Krobo ladies are taught how to clean our vagina well, how to pamper a man, how to keep a home in comity, amongst others through our puberty rite. If you are a man and you make love to a Krobo lady, you enjoy it far better than ladies in the other tribes.

“Have sex with a Krobo woman who has given birth to 2 or 3 children and you will be amazed at the tightness of her vagina. Men enjoy our ‘thing’ (laughs) and as you know, you men love the ‘thing,’ so that is the secret.

Ask any guy who has had sex with a Krobo lady and he will confirm what I’m telling you. Krobo girls are also very good in bed – as in, artistry in sex. “If you are a man, especially married men, better don’t flirt with a Krobo girl, because she will definitely take you from your wife with her ‘thing’.

Let’s do this analysis, curses are supposed to harm, so if Komfo Anokye indeed cursed us (Krobo ladies) why is his curse rather helping us than harming us?”

So if you have ever heard that Okomfo Anokye once cursed Krobo ladies and because of that Krobo ladies are promiscuous or sexual animals, please be educated that that allegation or myth is false. Never believe in it or be an agent to spread it. Until then…MOTWUM!! Godson Charnor concluded that! But what is your take on this? Let the debates continue but however, my dangme ladies are really beautiful, sexy and serviceable, so you just try it and give your account on this!

Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu:ND,MSc, PhD (C) is a catalyst for change in the dangme land The writer is currently working on his book” The state of the dangme Land” he can be reached on 0500106570


Columnist: Raphael Nyarkotey Obu

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Beware of the HOPE CITY that never saw the light under MAHAMA



Rowland Agambire of RLG fame breezed onto our political scene like a tornado blowing from the angry seas of the West. His meteoric rise to stardom captivated a section of the Ghanaian populace whereas many were not enthralled by the façade that they saw.

His seeming sense of in-depth knowledge in the world of a business carried himself as a heavyweight whose raw skills were needed to be tapped for the betterment of the land, were all sold to the Ghanaians.

The Hope City idea was promulgated. Mahama bought into it. US$10 billion was being invested in that dreamy project. The taxpayers would eventually pay for this eccentrically outlandish edifice.

The Hope City was to employ thousands of Ghanaians if not millions in enterprises whose realities could well be seen in wonderland, in a world filled with sainted dreams and apparitions.

Hope City was a classical case of phantasmagoric imagery and scenes which vanished into thin air when the dream left our eyes. Hope City was but a mere wishful thinking.

Mahama knocks at the door like the very Hope City he and Agambire brought to deceive Ghanaians. He promises to pedal Ghana to some paradise where economic freedom and accelerated growth and development can be located.

Simply put, John Mahama is promising heaven on earth as though he were a stranger to the very position he greedily seeks to occupy. With the benefit of hindsight, we can readily recall the economic torture Mahama sent us through.

To curtail a long narrative, Mahama was a true definition of hell to the good people of Ghana. Airbus should be a guide, our navigation as he walks through the stage with his sumptuous and unrealistic promises.

John Dramani Mahama is akin to the Hope City that brought only hopelessness.


–: P.K. Sarpong
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Let’s Make The Northern Part Of Ghana Our Vietnam And Thailand



There is a groundswell of people advocating the consumption of locally produced rice.

I must admit that this couldn’t have come at a better time. A large chunk of rice is produced in the northern part of the country and other areas.

As nutritious as these brands are, Ghanaians appear to have developed tastes for foreign ones. The reasons are not farfetched.

However, the country spends millions if not billions of dollars to import rice from Vietnam and Thailand, and this has telling effects on the strength of our currency, the cedi.

The importation of these foreign brands also renders our rice farmers jobless since their product is not patronized by Ghanaians, and this is detrimental to the growth and development of the country.

We can all help in our own small ways to help in the consumption of locally processed and produced rice by jettisoning those which are imported.

Christmas is lurking around the corner and we can make conscious efforts to abandon the perfumed rice of the lands beyond the Gulf of Guinea and embrace our own brands.

Instead of traveling thousands of kilometers beyond the African Continent in search of rice grown by the people of Vietnam and Thailand, we can just walk to the northern part of the country at no great cost to us.

We grow our economy by giving employment to thousands of the youth, we keep our currency in check if we don’t import rice, Ghana will be better if we sever ties with Thailand and Vietnam as far as their rice is concerned.


BY: P.K. SarpongWhispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place

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